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kcal going from 20k to 0 randomly on cycle 1

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just as the title says. kcal will randomly reduce to 0 sometimes 


Steps to Reproduce
it is random. over my 15+ fresh colony starts, this happened randomly throughout. the most recent one happened when the units had "no way to reach food"

User Feedback

The kcal displays how many kilocalories of food your duplicants can currently reach, not how much is stored in base. Your dupes in this picture have destroyed the way back to the base. As soon as they clear out the blocks above them and finish that ladder so they have a way back to base, it should go right back to 20k.

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From what I can tell, the game tracks how much food you have, based off of how much can be reached by your dupes.

In the screenshot here there isn't a path available for them to get back to where the food is.

so as a result, there is no food within reach, and therefore 0 kcal able to be eaten by them.

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