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  1. Currently the liquid only is effected in that way by heat, rather than pressure, so it's easy for it to form a cork like in this screen shot. especially when there's multiple types of liquid stacked on top of each other, as any amount of liquid in a tile will block gas from passing through, and two types of liquid can't share the same tile. Hopefully all three of those things leading to this problem will get changed later though.
  2. As I said before, the game still sometimes crashes while the doors are open. the ice was also coming out as ice, instead of cold air or liquid, because it was still cold enough to be ice. Not only that but any amount of testing your assumptions would have shown that it's actually coming out even colder than it started. and dropping out as -268.83. rather than being warmer like you claimed. And the crash happens with the room as nothing but vacuum. so it's it can't be from over pressure
  3. From what I can tell, the game tracks how much food you have, based off of how much can be reached by your dupes. In the screenshot here there isn't a path available for them to get back to where the food is. so as a result, there is no food within reach, and therefore 0 kcal able to be eaten by them.
  4. -268.15°C cold gas no longer seems to crash while in pipes, however after it exits a vent and turns into solid form, it seems to crash after a second or two. Ice testing.sav