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Jumping dirt

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At some point one dirt unit start continuously changing its mass with "jumping" animation. I record short video how it's going. Jumping stopped after save-exit-resume. And I checked few auto saves and this dirt has different mass in each. Much larger than before exiting when I recorded video. 3kg, 900+g, 5kg etc.


Cute Panopticon Cycle 41.sav

Cute Panopticon Cycle 42.sav

Cute Panopticon Cycle 43.sav

Steps to Reproduce
I didn't do something special.

User Feedback

I have same issue each new world, at certain point (i am not sure but can be it connected to how manu items not collected stay on ground in one tile) it starting jump and from tooltip it can be seen it infinitely increasing count of item in stack. Sometimes you can "kill" it bug dig below and then build tile, but not always.

Currently its most annoying bug i faced in game :( I also thinking this cause memory leaks and game slow \ crash at certain point.

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