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The morale for scientist job and higher does not change down when you change the job for the scientist?

not Sure but its kinda annoying because my scientist is stuck with a morale rating of 20 all the time even when i take him off the job. Bug.thumb.png.70c5b7da3870e6569780d7f5f8cf3c67.png 

Steps to Reproduce
change job from research assistant to tenured scientist the take him of the job and is still says tenured scientist under the priority menus

User Feedback

Hi @jude123412,

This is currently working as designed. Morale expectations are based on the highest of either the current or highest mastered job.

Once a job is mastered, both the benefits of that job, as well as the expectations are gained permanently.

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On 8/31/2018 at 10:04 AM, Brook said:

This is currently working as designed.

Can you please reconsider this?

It leads to a lot of micromanagement in the middle game.

And I hope that ONI is not intending to be a game about grinding and micromanagement.

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