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It is not possible to select food item from a fridge any more

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In the current build, it is not possible to select food item from a refrigerator any more.

This was possible in OC.

For example, if a refrigerator contains several items and one of them is contaminated or nearly rotten, it was possible to select it and then press "Compost" to take it out of the fridge and have it taken to compost or to another fridge for decontamination.

This should work again, otherwise it will be nearly impossible to separate contaminated or stale food from fresh, non-contaminated food.

Steps to Reproduce
select a fridge that is not empty, try to select an item from the list of contents
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User Feedback

Now that MKI is officially out, I too am seeing this issue, and it also affects storage compactors. I have found that if you move the cursor just off of the item you want to select (ie, slightly above or below the text line) you can still select items. I can only venture a guess that something is wrong with layering of the textbox vs clickable area (ie, text is hiding the clickable portion that selects the item). May need to repost this issue to get visibility.

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I confirn the problem is still there, I have one food item in ration box that contains germs and I was unable to send it to compost for quite a while. Following @yoakenashi's adivice I was able to select it but it was serious pixel hunt.

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