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Is This Poluted Water Behavior Normal?

Calvin Valerian
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Please see the video.

Is this behavior normal for Polluted Water produced from Carbon Skimmer to temporarily stuck at junction pipe to build up bigger ball of water before going into the Water Sieve?

Oxygen Not Included 11_11_2018 11_40_10 PM.mp4


Steps to Reproduce
Please check my save file.

User Feedback

Hard to say.

On your video, we can see a part of the pipe on the top left corner.

But we can't checked what's shown on the video. Your save file don't have all this pipes. ;)

Maybe the problem comes from this another pipe that seems to be connected to the same sieve, but is fully loaded.


So try to connect this pipe to the one we can see on the video, but before the last bridge, so that the polluted water comes from only 1 direction. ;) 


P.S. : you should never set a pipe on the outputs of showers and lavatories the way you use.

It's better to construct a main line, and connect each ouput to this line, with 1 or 2 pipe section between the output and the main line.

An example :


With your design, the showers may not function properly. ;)

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