Insulated Tiles cool down 40x faster than they heat up

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Insulated Tiles cool down many times faster than they heat up when connected to a heat/cold source via TSP (Tempshift Plate).


Both Insulated tiles and TSP start at 20°C.

The heat/cold sources are 200°C colder/hotter, same temperature difference in both cases.

The cold setup brings down the Tile by 40°C

The hot setup heats up the Tile by 1°C


This also occurs in less extreme cases like 5 kg hydrogen at 40°C vs 0°C 

Normal tiles were unaffected when doing a brief test.

Save file: Insulated Tile faster cooling.sav

Steps to Reproduce
Connect TSP to Insulated tiles and compare how they heat/cool

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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Thanks for the report. Curious about that mass value, it may be related. Did you intend for the mass to be like that?

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I just tend to use high masses + TSP for heat/cold sources when testing builds etc. That habit carried over :).
The last line in the spoiler tag mentions, that it occurs with more normal masses as well. I did 2 boxes of Insulated Tiles, filled with 2 kg h2/tile and a temperature delta of 20°C. Heating was 0.1°C, cooling was something like iirc 2°C. the box was 5x5 and the TSP connected to 3 tiles of a wall. The temperature values are from the middle tiles.

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