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Insulated Tile x Steam Turbine - Gas Leaking - MK1

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I thought insulated tile was an insulation and waterproofing. Gas chlorine is passing through the wall and being sucked by the steam turbine.

The pressure of the gas separated from the vapor is reducing and apparently passing through the wall and turning into steam.

I do not understand that this is correct. 




Steps to Reproduce
make a separate area for the vapor next to another gas, in my save has chlorine, I did not test with other gases.

User Feedback

In the chlorine room aside, the amount of chlorine doesn't really change. There's just plenty of voxels with different amounts that flow in the room.

Fill it with a set amount of chlorine, and you'll see that there's no issue.


Just an uggly exploit with the steam turbine and the ice line above it. :D

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