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"Insufficient Space Error" Enabling mod caused fatal crash

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I got a fatal error after I tried to enable a mod for the first time.

"An Insufficient Space Error Occurred when trying to write to disk.

Please free up some space.



I would have included the output.log file but it wasn't in the file folder for some reason. Restarting the steam client didn't fix the issue. I'll probably try reinstalling.


Steps to Reproduce
I installed mods from the steam workshop, then tried to enable the mods thru the game. This caused a fatal crash.

User Feedback

This sounds like an broken mod. Have you tried others? Keep in mind, mods have to be adjusted to newer game versions. We got QOL3 Update just before the weekend. There may be plenty of mods, not suitable to this game-version.

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It happened immediately after clicking on the very first mod. I don't remember which one it was. A clean reinstall took care of the issue and all of the mods are working fine.

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