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  1. It happened immediately after clicking on the very first mod. I don't remember which one it was. A clean reinstall took care of the issue and all of the mods are working fine.
  2. I got a fatal error after I tried to enable a mod for the first time. "An Insufficient Space Error Occurred when trying to write to disk. Please free up some space. C:/Users/paulg/Documents/Klei/OxygenNotIncluded/mods/mods.json" I would have included the output.log file but it wasn't in the file folder for some reason. Restarting the steam client didn't fix the issue. I'll probably try reinstalling.
  3. I had the insulated pipe menu open and tried scrolling the list from the left to the right. The first screenshot shows you what I mean. The pointer stayed in the same place and so did the options, but a row of construction pending pipe was laid. However, the game doesn't show any pending construction. This is shown in the pipes screenshot. The pipes went away when I restarted the game. I don't have debug mode installed.
  4. I didn't think to try load-save. I saved the file with the default name utopia 35. I can't find the saved game though.
  5. Another dupe was able to master the skill he was working on. But Lindsey, the dupe with 100%, still wasn't able to.
  6. I gave a dupe the apprentice mining job and left them alone for a while. They eventually reached 250 experience, 100% mastery. But they didn't get the mastery certification. I tried changing her job back and forth to see if changing hats and performing another job would fix the issue, but it didn't.