"insufficient resource" in electric grill even if there's enough

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After launching a second sleet wheat farm, I got a "fodd shortage" warning.

So, I checked the grill, and it says there's not enough sleet wheat, eventhough there was dozens of packs with various amount of grains.

I've emptied the grill. The cooker makes lots of pepper bread. But along time, the same phenomenon appears, with various stacks of grains, but "insufficient resource".


Here's an example :

It "lacks" 3 sleet wheat grains


But the grill contains a total of 23 grains ... -_-




Steps to Reproduce
Ask for infinite pepper bread on a grill (and maybe frost buns on another one). After a while, take a look into the grill, when it says there's not enough resources.

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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User Feedback

.... ....
6 hours ago, Alexander Block said:

Assigned to another building or unavailable resources are not considered.

It's not the problem.

There's enough sleet wheat grains in this building for the recipe ...

Have you read the whole post ? -_-

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