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Infinite oxygen

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The gas vent is somehow broken. It is overpressurized even if the room is almost in vacuum. This time I tryed to make solid oxygen and got a infinite drop of solid oxygen from a contaminated oxygen gaz


Steps to Reproduce
Use a cooling system (20 thermo regulator) and pump gaz through it. The output at the gas vent will block the vent and spawn solid oxygen infinitely

User Feedback

This is actually 2 different bug.

If the vent ever overpressured the icon stays there even when its fine after. The vent works fine even when the icon is on, so its only a visual bug. (reload refresh the icon too)

The 2nd bug is the "dropping dirt" problem. When you generate solid item, it happens on a tile and the game doesnt recognize it was a one time event and keep generating the solid item with the mass that got generated last time. (this can happen with heating contaminated water too because that generates steam and dirt. People usually find the dirt one because they use the bio distiller to generate algae and they heat the contaminated water with the bio distiller)

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