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Infinite natural gas from Oil Well

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I think I just found out a bug that could be exploited and break the game powerwise. I think I found a way to produce "free" natural gas from feeding Oil Wells the wrong element.


natural gas bug.png

Steps to Reproduce

By accident, during process, I fed one of my oil well polluted water (PH2O). The oil well didn't reject the polluted water nor became damaged by it, but continued to process indefinitely. The crude oil production stopped but the "overpressure procedure" continued indefinitely and I got free natural gas everytime my operator went to release pressure to a point that my base is running 70% from "free" bugged natural gas. I didn't notice anything because the natural gas produced from my oil wells and oil refinery are set to be burned in priority to produce power. I only noticed when my Hot Steam Vent "water producer" stopped working because of "too much" water.


I am now in the process of adding a water filter in my systems to be sure that won't happen ever again from my side, but I really think that could be an exploit that could "kill" the game. I think it is a "big" bug that should be assessed ASAP, in my opinion.


Picture explained: On the picture, you can see my oil well with 10 kg PH2O, Backpressure is at 9%, but was just released before the picture so IT IS rising, and look at the natural gas pressure inside the chamber: 23.8 kg. The atmo sensor inside the chamber is set to "over 2000g", you can see it being on green, but my base base doesn't even spend enough power to burn all that natural gas so pressure is rising.529283571_naturalgasbug.thumb.png.a5bbcb05f856031b869cbec170115177.png

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A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

Well documented already. Very old bug, still unsolved.


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