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Inconsistent Abyssalite Heat Transfer

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This bug report is regarding the inconsistent heat transfer of abyssalite to solids versus liquids.

The thermal conductivity for abyssalite is listed as '0.000'.

In sandbox mode, testing, 100kg of 272 Kelvin ice above 1000kg of 1500 Kelvin abyssalite, no visible heat transfer occurs.


If I change the ice to 100kg of 274 Kelvin water and unpause the game, the water instantly flash boils and the temperature of the abyssalite drops randomly by ~60+ Kelvin.


For bonus funtimes, note this 500C abyssalite with a layer of 1C crude oil above. Unpause, and the crude oil converts roughly 33% of its mass directly to petroleum, and the abyssalite drops to 400C.



Abyssalite Temperature Transfer.sav


Steps to Reproduce
Load the attached save, observe the temperatures of the test items, unpause, and watch what happens. Alternately, start a new game in sandbox mode. Create a floor of 1000kg blocks of abyssalite at 1500 kelvin. First, cover the abyssalite floor in 100kg blocks of ice and notice no visible temperature transfer occurring. Then, replace the ice with a lake of 100kg water above the abyssalite. Watch the water flash boil into steam and the temperature of the abyssalite drop sharply. Then, create a new floor of 1000kg blocks of abyssalite at 774 kelvin, cover it with 100kg tiles of crude oil at 0C, and watch the crazy bugged funtimes.

User Feedback

I wanted to add my save that exhibits this problem still on the current release version as of this post. It's kinda annoying really.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Empty petroleum bottle down/down right from base (up left from volcano) pictured


2. Watch the petroleum, ladder, and wire temperature climb rapidly, and the abyssalite to the right fall slowly. The petroleum shortly boils away into sour gas, ruining the vacuum. The abyssalite is losing heat to both the steam and petroleum, but will only lose it to the petroleum if the insulated tile is completed.




The Yucky Spacepad Y Cycle 481.sav (1).sav

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As of today this is still an issue. Even though abyssalite has 0.000 thermal conductivity, when a liquid touches hot abyssalite, It will transfer temperature with it. Only seemps to happen with liquids 


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