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Idle pop-pop-pop is hugely annoying

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I realize it is not strictly a bug, but I would call it a bug in the user interface. Please either put a delay in this reporting so that it does not "pop" more often than, say, every 10 seconds, or allow us to turn it off completely. For the moment I had to resort to making a permanently idle dupe to get rid of this annoyance and that cannot be it.

Steps to Reproduce
Have idle dupes in a larger settlement, get driven mad by pop-pop-pop

User Feedback

I'm in a similar situation; have a few dupes who aren't allowed to leave the base yet. They have some low-prio tasks they can do inside, falling back on a few prio 3 manual generators that are always workable (no battery). So there's ALWAYS something to do. But from time to time... "idle" "idle(2)", "idle(3)". Then it goes away. Then "idle", "idle(2)". It is super annoying. 

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