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Hydroponic farm tile requires pipe to be hooked up to do mealwood

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A hydroponic farm would seem to require water given its name, but it doesn't. You can grow mealwood in it. If there is water in the pipe it will occasionally take water out of the tile and leave it in bottles. I don't know if it's taking it out of the pipe or the tile itself. If there is a pipe and it's empty you can grow mealwood just fine. But if there is no pipe at all it balks at growing mealwood.

1. If I shouldn't be able to use a hydroponic tile to grow mealwood, I can, so that's a bug.

2. If there is water in the tile I'd rather the game didn't take it out, because I might be trying to go to another tile beyond that requires water. I can't even imagine what would happen if I try to do something insane like run water and polluted water every other cell in the same pipe.

3. If I should be able to grow mealwood in a hydroponic tile it could conceivable work without a pipe, so perhaps requiring a pipe in that case is optional. Perhaps the tile should work like a normal farm tile if there is no pipe.

4. The reason I am going through this bizarre hell is that you can't over-tile a hydroponic farm tile onto a normal farm tile, which I think I should be able to do. It would definitely be a way to work around the incredible atmospheric hell that ensues when you try to upgrade your glossy drecko farm to bristle blossom from meal wood, if you start out with your mealwood in a normal farm tile. If you mess with the geographic contours of a delicate environment like this the gasses just go nuts. When I google this I see reports that the gasses tend to bunch up to the right, and that seems true from my experience. I love hard games but I don't like unpredictable frustration fests. When trying to layer gasses, even with a flat floor and consisten room height, the bottom layer tends to wad up two or three tiles deep even when at the other end of the farm doesn't have any of that gas. I haven't tried waiting several cycles for it to work out, but in one case waiting one cycle made it worse (the layer moved to the right and thickened). It's possible to build this kind of environment by selectively pumping a few kilograms of gas from the right end to the left end, or by just doing it right to start with, by pumping the bottom layer into vacuum, and pumping the top layer in later.

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See description.

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Why trying to plant mealwood in hydroponic farm tile, instead of the standard "farm tile" that does not require liquid input ? O_o

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If you are building a glossy drecko farm, you need to feed the normal dreckos in the farm mealwood, until  you can replace them with glossy dreckos. At that point you can continue to feed them mealwood or you can switch to bristle blossom. If you switch to bristle blossom you can use a hydroponic farm.

If you could replace the normal farm tile by building a hydroponic farm tile over it, that would be an easy solution to this. But you can't. You have to deconstruct the farm tile and build a hydroponic farm tile in empty space.

This would also not be a problem except the gas environment in a glossy drecko farm is very delicate, because for efficiency you probably want the whole thing to be hydrogen except for a narrow strip along the bottom, ideally one tile. You'd think you could just remove the farm tile, replace it with a hydroponic tile, and everything would normalize quickly. Fact is that the moment you remove the farm tile, gasses get jumbled up and your farm tiles stop producing, because they are immersed in hydrogen. And if this ever normalizes I wasn't patient enough to wait for it to happen. It certainly doesn't normalize within a cycle or two.

So to answer your question, I plant the mealwood in a hydroponic tile because otherwise trying to switch from mealwood to bristle blossom in a drecko ranch is a nightmare.

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