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Hydroponic Farm consume water indefinitely

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Steam Pending

Game Version: OU-230787

My Hydroponic Farm with Bristle Blossom keep on draining water when the plant is at "Harvest Ready", it works fine (doesn't drain water) when the growth is stopped due to other reason such as body temperature or illumination.

Please fix this as it ruined the purpose of upgrading farm from a simple Planter Box with manual irrigation.


Steps to Reproduce
1) Just build Hydroponic Farm for Bristle Blossom the normal way 2) Wait for it to grow until ready to harvest 3) Do not harvest it and make sure the growth requirements are met, the water will keep on draining.

User Feedback

They are working as intended? Plants will continue to draw water even when ready for harvest, the only time they wont is like you said.

Just like in real life a plant will still need water even when its fruits are ready, the only reason you wont have had this issue with manual irrigation is because the harvest and irrigate are on the same priority so a dupe will most likely water and harvest it at the same time.

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