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  1. Power Transformer Disabled mode

    Damn, i should make full use of this exploit while its still there.
  2. Dupe navigation indecision

    Yeah, i hate it when this happened, good thing they ran out of breathe and took another route.
  3. Same, have to move back my camera on my farm area every now and then.
  4. Ruins not Darkened

    Same for me
  5. I have no complain though. I only found Slimelung created by Puff (see pic)
  6. plants become unmarked for harvest

    Me too, I posted the same issue before I saw yours.
  7. Hatch Jump on bottler and fall try.

    Yeah, same thing happened to me.
  8. Game Version: OU-230787 No idea how it occurs, sometimes my farm (Planter Box and/or Hydroponic Farm) being set to Disable Harvest.
  9. Game Version: OU-230787 My Hydroponic Farm with Bristle Blossom keep on draining water when the plant is at "Harvest Ready", it works fine (doesn't drain water) when the growth is stopped due to other reason such as body temperature or illumination. Please fix this as it ruined the purpose of upgrading farm from a simple Planter Box with manual irrigation.