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Huge power exploit, you can get free power from inactive generators

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This bug allows you to get free power from generators that are not active but connected to the circuitimage.thumb.png.60fe828cd734bc398a605b04b2fafb24.png

In this setup, the top generator is providing 800W of power, while the bottom one has no Hydrogen so it's inactive. Despite there being 10 Refrigerators on the circuit, which in total consumes 1200W, the battery remains full. Transformers are important in reproducing this bug.image.thumb.png.8eac524a2b4dae948d8ab011b91eaf0b.png

As you can see the bottom generator is not supplied with fuel, pipes however must be built.

The bug seems to work for any type of generator, didn't test it with the Steam Turbine, Solar Panel or Manual Generator.

I have included a save file where I reproduced the bug, reloading the game doesn't remove the exploit so it should work.

Power Bug.sav



I noticed this bug when I saw in reports that I'm using way too much power and not experiencing any power issues. In the report, it states that I used more than double as much power as I produced something that shouldn't be possible unless I built tons of batteries which I didn't, as you can see I only wasted 1.2 kJ of power, an amount that 3 Smart Batteries waste over the course of the cycle.

Steps to Reproduce
Recreate the setup from the picture, as far as I can tell, there's no order that you have to follow to reproduce it

User Feedback

I just had a look at my reports and I am seeing the same pattern. More power used than generated cycle after cycle after cycle! I don't know exactly what is causing it in my case, but I do have some inactive solar panels and one of my 3 hydrogen generators is inactive most of the time (enabled by automation but not getting fuel).

Unlimited Wheezeworts.sav

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Extraordinary. Have you attempted running a machine which draws more power than the hydrogen generator - like the jukebox or arcade cabinet?

I'm leaning towards this being a polling issue on the circuit. Unless they changed the behaviours of refrigerators to be more realistic and only draw power intermittently.

..I just loaded your game - try this setup outside of Sandbox mode and see what happens.

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