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huge FPS drop after completing jet pack stations

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Windows Pending

Yesterday i was working on upgrading from atmo suits to jet packs and the game was behaving normally, i finished all the building needed and left it ready for today, today at log in the game took way longer than usual to load all the resources of the resource tab and after it finished the game was unplayable, i was at less than 10 fps and the fps rate was very discontinuos, i loaded a save from a few cycles before and the game performs properly.

No Comment Cycle 1513.sav

Steps to Reproduce
upgrade your atmo suits to jetpacks on a 1500+ cycle base.

User Feedback

Big Question: Where did you build the jet pack station? With or without access to a large area? (for example the whole space biome)

Pathfinding goes haywire with jet-suits an big areas. 

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