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Have to reload the game after a Telescope research

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After a location is successully analysed by a telescope I have to reload the game. Every new location I select says something like "there is no analysable location selected". What I do: I select a location, save the game, quit the game, reload the game and then the location can by analysed. When it's done I have to do the same again.


Made a video: (interesting part start arround 04:00), save game also attached. I couldn't find the game logs were they should be



Steps to Reproduce
Select location in telescope -> Unable to analyse -> save game -> quite game -> load game -> analysis works, repeat when done

User Feedback

3 hours ago, NoodBear said:

This happens to me too. I just deconstruct and reconstruct the Telescope 

Yeah, that seems to help (for one research, than you have to rebuild it again)

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