Guess who's back, back again?!

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Dupes with tryphofobia can dig (again:) ), if dig is part of build errand.


I Attach savegame, but this is probably not necesery.


Steps to Reproduce
Play linked music video. (because it is good and thematically fit). Set priority to only trypophobia dupe can build and nobody else can dig. Trypophobia dupe will dig for you and for colony good, off course!!!

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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44 minutes ago, krop said:

Guess who forgot to search if bugs mentioning trypophobia already exist?


Not Sure. But I like quiz question! Can you, please, give me some hint? (My guess: KingMarine?? Aaaa give me a hint) And, please no geography question, I am really dump in this section.




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