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Getting critters stuck in constructed tiles

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If a critter (drecko, hatch) is walking around when you are building tiles, there is a very good chance that the critter will get stuck in the tile when it's completed. Once this happens, if there is a way to get the critter out, apart from deconstructing the wall, I haven't found it.

It's very easy to do this, is often hard to detect (the creature is not necessarily visible while in the wall), and forces a pretty high degree of attention when building tiles around critters. In some cases I've had to count the critters in the room, then come back later after dupes have been working and count them again, and resolving disparity by clicking twice on all the walls.

Challenge is good, but I think this aspect of the game is not so much a challenge as just not fun. A suggestion is to use the same mechanic that is used when building a tile when a seed or a rock or something is in the tile's location when it completes. Either that or perhaps critters that are stuck in walls can path out.

I can live with this but it's frustrating.

Steps to Reproduce
See description.

User Feedback

Hi. Critters can be stuck into tiles as dups can be, so it just seems to be a game design, rather than a bug.

I think you better should post your point of view under "suggestion" topic.

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If you get a dupe stuck you get an idle message and can zoom to the dupe. If you get a critter stuck you get no message and the critter is often invisible and a player wouldn't necessarily even notice it's missing or think to look for it.

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