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Gas increasing in pressure unexpectedly

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Gas appears to be gaining pressure and needing to be bled from once stable systems.  In the attached examples is a before/after save that the upper CO2 liquidizing chamber has approximately 1700g of pressure on the 12 squares of Hydrogen, and later it's up to 2200g of pressure on the same 12 squares.

This has happened a few times, each time requiring me to deconstruct a portion of the system to bleed the excess pressure out.

Loft - 13 - EOW Cycle 81.sav

Loft - W14.5 - Plastics 1 Cycle 88.sav

EDIT: And then, just to be contrary, it works again after having shut off the game and rebooting.  I don't know.

Edit 2: It looks like restarting the game got the overpressure on the CO2 to move aside for a bit.  After a little while, the problem resumes.

Steps to Reproduce
Not entirely sure, there's a lot of things moving at this point. Add gas, have it get pushed around by other gases, and have it resettle with more pressure than it started. Rinse and repeat, it'll happen eventually.

User Feedback

Quite possibly.  I found another factor that might help locate it.

I've been doing regular system bleeds to reset the system, else it breaks horribly.  It's highly annoying but I don't have any slicksters yet and I'd get hammered by huge volumes of CO2. Anyway, it appears that I'm seeing CO2 AND Hydrogen occupying the same space.  That 250g was what was being pushed by the valve until it jammed up again, going from 1300g of Hydrogen/cell to around 2900 g/cell.


I hope this helps.

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