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[Game Update] - 283325 : Water sieve now flooded

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Don't know whether this is a bug newly introduced or was one before and is fixed now:

I have a water sieve in space in around 50kg/tile crude oil to cool it via its input pipe (no gas to transfer heat with in space...) That worked directly before, and has stopped working (building is now flooded) with this update after a simple save-update-load cycle.

If this behaves as expected, then it is not a bug.


Update: Ok, forget it. After another save&load the problem went away.

Steps to Reproduce
See water sieve next to gravitas facility claiming it is flooded on the attached save.

User Feedback

Usually buildings get the flooded state when there is over 50kg of liquid in any tile they are in. When a building gets the flooded state it clears by going under 50kg per tile and reloading or removing all of the liquid. The need to reload is probably something that should be fixed

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