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Game is pitch-black when loading a save

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I decided to update ONI today for the first time since before the Big Merge because I wanted to start a new colony with new Duplicant features. When I did, the world was totally black. I think the problem has to do with textures not loading correctly.


The Materials and Temperature Overlays, which affect everything on-screen, do display more than just black, but only in flat colours with no texture.


Steps to Reproduce

1: Update to the latest version?

2: Create/load a new colony (I tried reloading the previous colony and making a new one as well, both had the same issue)

User Feedback

There are some known compatibility issues between a subset of Mac integrated GPUs and the ONI engine. You can enable glcore to resolve the black screen issue.

  1. In Steam, Right-click on ONI -> Properties
  2. Under the General Tab, choose "Set Launch Options..."
  3. In the text field, add "-force-glcore" -> Click OK


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