Game freezes in windowed mode

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This has happened twice now. I am in the middle of setting up build/cancel/deconstruct commands when the game screen suddenly freezes. The audio indicates that gameplay itself has not frozen, when I move my mouse I can hear the SFX associated with clicking on things, changes in the cycle etc. Restarting the game fixes the problem.


I've looked at other bug threads and so far it seems like no one else has noticed this issue.

Steps to Reproduce
So far, it's only happened in windowed mode, when I am using cancel, build, and deconstruct commands (I don't know if the commands are relevant, but it happened both times). It doesn't happen every time, though.

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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Sounds like an issue unique to you, which would likely mean a HW/SW/driver issue on your end.

When you say it freezes, everything is stuck? Like, you still see everything but it's just not moving or can't be interacted with?

Is this only in windowed mode?

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