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  1. This has happened twice now. I am in the middle of setting up build/cancel/deconstruct commands when the game screen suddenly freezes. The audio indicates that gameplay itself has not frozen, when I move my mouse I can hear the SFX associated with clicking on things, changes in the cycle etc. Restarting the game fixes the problem. I've looked at other bug threads and so far it seems like no one else has noticed this issue.
  2. Currently, I have a save late game. Just about to launch my first rocket. How do you use it as a super insulator? Really loving this udate
  3. I just noticed that I can't seem to use abyssalite for tiling, plumbing, vents, etc. Is this intentional?
  4. Crash on Mac

    log.txt: log.txt
  5. Crash on Mac

    Don't Starve has been periodically crashing for no particular reason. I am playing the game on Mac, and then suddenly the screen goes black, and I am given the dialog window, "dontstarve_steam quit unexpectedly". I have already tried the method of validating the game files - the first time some files had to be re-validated but since then no game files appear "invalid". The crashes were ignorable for a while but now they are happening much more frequently.