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Game crashes when more than 384 tags are created

Unquiet Jake
  • Branch: Live Branch Version: OSX Pending

I encountered an odd crash while playing a long-running base today, just as my first Radiant Bug was about to hatch.

It appears that the game will crash with an `Out of tag bits` error if more than 384 tags are created:

Out of tag bits:
Alloy, RefinedMetal, Metal, BuildableRaw, BuildableProcessed, Farmable, Organics, Compostable, Seed, Agriculture, Filter, ConsumableOre, Liquifiable, IndustrialProduct, IndustrialIngredient, MedicalSupplies, Clothes, ManufacturedMaterial, Egg, RareMaterials, Other, Edible, CookingIngredient, Medicine, Cuprite, GoldAmalgam, IronOre, Wolframite, SedimentaryRock, Dirt, GrilledPrickleFruit, FriedMushroom, SpiceBread, Salsa, Phosphorus, CookedMeat, BasicSingleHarvestPlant, DupeBrain, Preserved, GrowingPlant, ReservedByCreature, CreatureBrain, MachineParts, Methane, BasicPlantFood, MushBar, Meat, FieldRation, BasicForagePlant, Lettuce, FriedMushBar, PrickleFruit, BasicPlantBar, FishMeat, ColdWheatBread, Tofu, Mushroom, Algae, Life, PedestalDisplayable, Solid, Pickupable, HasChores, Garbage, 
Carbon, Coal, BuildableAny, Granite, Plumbable, Crushable, PreciousRock, Ore, WallMachineMetals, IgneousRock, Phosphorite, FlyingCritterEdible, Obsidian, ToxicSand, Unstable, Fertilizer, Sand, SandStone, PrickleFlowerSeed, PrickleGrassSeed, BasicSingleHarvestPlantSeed, TropicalgaeSeed, IcyShroomSeed, MyrthRoseSeed, Rust, Clay, Katairite, MaficRock, Iron, CactusPlantSeed, Salt, OxyfernSeed, Diamond, SwampLilySeed, SaltPlantSeed, LeafyPlantSeed, SpiceVineSeed, RustFernSeed, EggShell, Fossil, Lead, Lime, TableSalt, Copper, SwampLilyFlower, Bitumen, Polypropylene, FrostBlossomSeed, PricklyLotusSeed, ColdBreatherSeed, RefinedCarbon, Steel, Ceramic, Gold, BulbPlantSeed, ShlurpCoralPolyp, SeaLettuceSeed, PalmeraTreeSeed, Atmo_Suit, DiggerOutfit, CrabShell, BabyCrabShell, Glass, Niobium, 
Tungsten, CrushedRock, MushroomSeed, BasicFabricMaterialPlantSeed, BasicFabric, WoodLog, TempConductorSolid, ForestTreeSeed, FervineBulb, SporeLampSeed, SuperInsulator, AluminumOre, CrabEgg, MoleEgg, SquirrelEgg, Ice, DirtyIce, Snow, CrushedIce, SolidCarbonDioxide, Aluminum, Regolith, DreckoEgg, DreckoPlasticEgg, RotPile, WallMachineRefinedMetals, BleachStone, OxyRock, SlimeMold, Water, LiquidSource, SaltWater, Brine, Petroleum, CrudeOil, Ethanol, DirtyWater, ViscoGel, SpiceNut, ColdWheatSeed, FruitCake, RawEgg, CookedFish, Burger, MushroomWrap, CookedEgg, SpicyTofu, SurfAndTurf, BeanPlantSeed, AnyWater, Liquid, Stored, StoredPrivate, CropSeed, BasicCure, IntermediateBooster, BasicBooster, Sulfur, PuftOxyliteEgg, PacuEgg, PacuCleanerEgg, HatchEgg, OilfloaterEgg, OilfloaterDecorEgg, 
PuftEgg, PuftAlphaEgg, HatchVeggieEgg, LightBugEgg, HatchMetalEgg, PuftBleachstoneEgg, HatchHardEgg, PacuTropicalEgg, EvilFlowerSeed, OilfloaterHighTempEgg, LightBugOrangeEgg, Funky_Vest, CompostCookedMeat, CompostPrickleFruit, CompostLettuce, CompostBasicPlantBar, CompostMeat, CompostMushroom, CompostSpiceNut, CompostSurfAndTurf, SolidMethane, LightBugPurpleEgg, ResearchDatabank, GeneShufflerRecharge, LightBugPinkEgg, LightBugBlueEgg, LightBugBlackEgg, LightBugCrystalEgg, HatchHard, HatchHardBaby, Deliverable, Glom, Hatch, HatchBaby, Mole, HatchMetal, HatchMetalBaby, HatchVeggie, HatchVeggieBaby, Puft, PuftAlpha, PuftBaby, PuftAlphaBaby, PuftOxylite, PuftOxyliteBaby, PuftBleachstone, PuftBleachstoneBaby, Squirrel, SquirrelBaby, DreckoPlasticBaby, DreckoPlastic, Drecko, DreckoBaby, Oilfloater, OilfloaterBaby, OilfloaterHighTempBaby, OilfloaterHighTemp, OilfloaterDecorBaby, OilfloaterDecor, CombustibleGas, Gas, Unbreathable, DecorSeed, PacuCleaner, 
PacuCleanerBaby, Pacu, PacuBaby, PacuTropicalBaby, PacuTropical, IncubatableEgg, Mixture, Sealed, Minion, Reachable, Decor20, Overjoyed, Creature, BagableCreature, Walker, Plant, HasDebugDestination, PlayInterruptAnim, Falling, WantsToBurrow, Poop, WantsToEat, Fertile, WantsToGetRanched, WantsToGetCaptured, ButcherableCreature, Idle, Hungry, ScalesGrown, WaterSeed, BuildingWood, Transparent, Antiseptic, Plastic, IceOre, Flyer, Submerged, Digger, SweepBot, MoleBaby, InIncubator, SleepBehaviour, CallAdultBehaviour, Bagged, BuildingFiber, AirtightSuit, Suit, WantsToPlantSeed, WantsToClimbTree, WantsToWheelRunning, Wild, SuperCoolant, LightBugPink, LightBugPurple, LightBugBlueBaby, LightBugBlue, LeafyPlant, Decoration, EvilFlower, BulbPlant, RustFern, Fervine, PrickleFlower, CactusPlant, 
MyrthRose, PrickleGrass, LightBugPurpleBaby, LightBugPinkBaby, LightBugOrangeBaby, LightBugOrange, SwimmingCreature, Swimmer, Flopping, FisherableCreature, Experimental, CombustibleLiquid, PerformingWorkRequest, Hoverer, PricklyLotus, SwampLily, Wilting, SpiceVine, Hanging, ForestTree, ForestTreeBranch, Confined, EmittingDisease, Crab, CrabFriend, Amphibious, artifact_shieldgenerator, MiscPickupable, Artifact, Naphtha, Oil, CrabBaby, GrowUpBehaviour, LightBug, LightSource, Overcrowded, CarbonDioxide, Expecting, PreventChoreInterruption, PowerStationTools, FarmStationTools, UnloadBehaviour, Entombed, RechargeBehaviour, TrappedBehaviour, Drowning, AlwaysConverse, SeaLettuce, ShlurpCoral, Defend, Asleep, NoOxygen, Assigned, ColdBreather, BasicFabricPlant, SaltPlant, BeanPlant, Die, LightBugBaby, LightBugBlackBaby, HoldingBreath, RecoveringBreath, EquippableBalloon, LightBugBlack, 

I went through and found about 20 tags that were from Material Tags, Decor Plants, Fervine + Palmera tree mods, but I'm fairly sure not all of the vanilla tags are represented in my crash.

I'm disabling the above mods to free up some tag space, but perhaps 384 is not enough?

Steps to Reproduce

Have a long running base with lots of vanilla critter variants, and a couple mods that add plants.

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