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  1. no window breaking anymore? then I want BIG (32x32) spacecraft module
  2. since backquote + numbers is not working well i tryed user nav instead but it works odd too
  3. Burying battery (lowest tier one) with fallen mud causes no entombed debuff and the battery functions normally 6.sav
  4. any state change in void is relavant too.
  5. Found trigger. It has nothing with slaughtering. tag bits error occurs when jet-suited dupe in space is forced to "relieve" itself in space. guess that "polluted water" has no tag bits in void for some reasons.... Shitting in space.sav
  6. me too following this bug. I have no mods that add tag bits but seems vanilla has more than 384 to tag bits.. 1547 Cycle 1568.sav
  7. 1563 Cycle 1564.savoutput_log.txt More info on steps to reproduce: 1. under the egg incubator slaughter all larvas and deconstruct their grooming stations and drop points. 2. when a dupe goes to errend the game crashes with out of tag bits error
  8. similar to this issue: out of tag bits error i guess.
  9. Keeps crashing if I order to attack mass creatures and do other stuff not watching shoves die.
  10. I gave them hot steam and they are peggy about the cold air outside... strange aside that hot tub removes cold sauna does not... thats not right
  11. I have found out that bug mechanism is exactly what Trilom said on the post. Slaghter animals on cycle 366 and wait for dupes go binge eat than interrupt. dropped food(meat) becomes NaN.
  12. To me this happend when I slaghtered mass creatures... guess there is some overflow on kcal calculation, not sure though.
  13. I have the same issue, here are savefiles; cycle 367 has the issue and 366 is control for comparison. TSM 367.sav TSM 355 Cycle 366.sav