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Game crash without raison (Day 66)

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My game crash at Day 66 with no raison even if I releoad it. It just close the windows and return to Windows Desktop.

Here's my save if it can helps.

The Not-So Ultra Citadel Cycle 66.sav

Steps to Reproduce
Load the save.

User Feedback

My game is crashing or freezing on day 24. This has happened twice. Once I was able to submit the crash log. 

I tried logging out and logging back in, but when I load a saved game it's either frozen or all of the duplicants are missing. I tried a new game, and it froze on day one.


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I've "fixed" easily because I can load my game after the crash and make a "Save as". It still occurs some times. Now, I'm in my Cycle 222.

It seems it's the "auto-save" look like bug sometimes.


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