Game counts less gold than I actually have - NOT just a waiting problem - sticks around.

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Even though many tons of gold are visable and accessible on the map, the resource list (and build menu) believes I have significantly less.

Of note, I have used mods for most of this game. I disabled them all to send a clean save that still had the problem.

(note: I'm simultaneously having a duplicate save game issue that I've reported, so if this saved game isn't on cycle 1245, then let me know and I'll upload the other save this one is from the steam directory save folder)

Picture of it in Steam:

The Cool Paradise.sav

Steps to Reproduce
Open the save file Wait for the resources to load in. Click on the "Gold" under refined metals in the resource menu. It will jump to several stacks of gold that add up to far more than the small number that it's reporting.

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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There's no bug here.

You have many auto-sweepers to build with gold, radiant gold pipes to repair, golden heavy watt conductive wires to build.

In the resource list, the game take the count of all the material allocated to constructions and other errands. That's why it tells you have only 450 kg at a  moment, but if you over the amount it will tell you have "6.4 t of 6.9 t allocated to pending errands". ;)



The only annoying thing is that the game do not count the amounts carried by duplicants, so it often change.

For example, here, if you have 450 kg more gold that what is necessary, when a duplicant pick up 500 kg to bring it to a construction, the game temporarely loose the track of these 500 kg until the duplicant put it in the building.

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Okay, after searching over my past saved games, I think you're right. The problem I was seeing was that I didn't have 6.9 tons, I had 20 tons and none of it was showing up... but apparently I really did issue 20t worth of orders in the last cycle and 3/4 of them were done.

Sorry for the false alarm - I got confused by the huge amounts of metals being produced and used in such a short timeframe.

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