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  1. Saved game folder switches sporadically

    I've got new info! I've confirmed that there are two mods folders, similar to how there are two saved game folders. By installing (but not turning on) the non-steam mod "automapsharing" from toolsnotincluded.net, I discovered that the mod only existed in the mod list half the time, depending on which folder the game is using for my saves/mods.
  2. Meteor flying through locked bunker

  3. Saved game folder switches sporadically

    Nope, doesn't help. Starting the game this time, it isn't updating to my latest save at all, after maybe 10 minutes of waiting. So, I'll be copying over the save file. On a separate note, I moved the game to my SSD C: drive. Doesn't seem to have fixed it.
  4. Meteors are flying through my buniker doors. The doors are not currently broken, but have been in the past. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1890209835
  5. Dupes are creating diamond from mafic rock

    Heh. I guess it is pretty fun to get freebies, but it would be nice if it were via a built-in and predictable mechanic, rather than this alchemy.
  6. They deliver mafic rock to this diamond window tile: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1889448312 The mafic rock created a diamond window tile: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1889448429 This happened to several of my diamond window tiles, so I finally decided it needed to be reported. Thanks!
  7. Saved game folder switches sporadically

    It doesn't require logging out/back in to trigger. Just restarting the game is enough (and the mods all turn off, too, including the "enable all" mod that's not supposed to get disabled). So, I quit the game. Restart the game. Problem exists. My documents folder is on a different drive than my game, but has not been moved. The documents folder is on my C drive, my game is installed on my F drive. However, neither is a network drive. Thanks for helping me figure this out. Sorry that my answers aren't more enlightening.
  8. Okay, after searching over my past saved games, I think you're right. The problem I was seeing was that I didn't have 6.9 tons, I had 20 tons and none of it was showing up... but apparently I really did issue 20t worth of orders in the last cycle and 3/4 of them were done. Sorry for the false alarm - I got confused by the huge amounts of metals being produced and used in such a short timeframe.
  9. Saved game folder switches sporadically

    The number sometimes does update right while I'm looking at it. It'll start off with something like "Resume Cycle 1219" and then a few seconds later, it magically says "Resume Cycle 1245". The list on the load screen also shows the wrong files, but then updates to show the correct files at the same time as the resume button does. It resolves while the game is running, with a sudden change in the number, and no error or message at all, as if nothing happened.
  10. Wire placement with WASD

    I've had this happen a lot, but it was during auto-saves. It used to happen all the time during auto-saves until I just learned to let go of everything when the morning music occurs. Hope they fix it.
  11. Sudden dirt wall that bypasses buildings

    I had this same problem. I was transporting algae or slime past a hot tile. The tile was insulated, so I assumed the algae/slime would not cook even though the adjacent tile was really hot. I was wrong. A stock of dirt reaching to space kept appearing, and I had no idea why. Try moving your shipping rail away from the hot area. Keep the insulated tile between it and the hot area, not on it. I think the bug here is that insulated tiles should not be transmitting such an insane amount of heat to what's in them. Someone else reported that it's melting the ice passing through it, and freezing their insulated tiles. It almost seems like it's transferring MORE heat.
  12. Saved game folder switches sporadically

    I believe it is a local account. I opened advanced system properties, clicked 'settings' under 'user profiles'. Then, I clicked on my account (COMPUTER\username), and clicked "change type". The roaming profile was grayed out, and the local profile was selected. There was no way to change it or even click 'ok', only 'cancel'. So, I'm pretty sure this is local. Let me know if you think there's a possibility that I've misidentified the type of account, and how you would recommend I proceed. Just FYI, I got the education edition as discounted software from the school, but it's installed for my own use on my own computer. It's not linked to the institution in any way, as I imagine roaming accounts usually are (I don't really know, just guessing). Update: I just noticed that the "Status" next to my profile says "Local" as well.
  13. Even though many tons of gold are visable and accessible on the map, the resource list (and build menu) believes I have significantly less. Of note, I have used mods for most of this game. I disabled them all to send a clean save that still had the problem. (note: I'm simultaneously having a duplicate save game issue that I've reported, so if this saved game isn't on cycle 1245, then let me know and I'll upload the other save this one is from the steam directory save folder) Picture of it in Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1885184545 The Cool Paradise.sav
  14. The saved game folder used by ONI switches between two alternative folders (listed below) with no apparent reason why. Sometimes it'll start with one, then switch to the other. Every time I start the game, I have to carefully evaluate if the game I'm looking at is the most recent saved game. If it's not, I sometimes have to go find the saved game in the other folder and copy it over. This is really aggravating, since I have to be really cautious about starting my game, and I have no idea why this is happening. Most of the time it'll start out showing the wrong saved game, and then update in a few seconds to the correct saved game, but sometimes it never updates. The two save locations are in my documents (C:\Users\[username]\Documents\Klei\OxygenNotIncluded\save_files\auto_save), and in the steam app for ONI on my second hard drive (F:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\OxygenNotIncluded\Klei\OxygenNotIncluded\save_files\auto_save). On a side note (just in case it's related),my mods all disable every time I start the game, and I don't know why. DxDiag.txt
  15. Disenfecting glitch

    I'm not sure this is the same thing, but I thought I'd post here just in case. Currently, my duplicants are trying to disinfect my pool of polluted water (which I send through the water sieve). The pool is pretty long, and they've started disinfecting the floor of the pool over making food, caring for the sick, or completing priority 9 tasks. It's crazy.