Fullness stuck on 4000kcal

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Sometimes fullness gets stuck on 4000kcal. It usually happen after binge eaters stress reaction, but today I noticed it also happen for destructive person.
When it stuck duplicant never eats and never gets hungry, just liked their metabolism stopped.

How to reproduce: unknown, feels like connected to stress reaction. Never encounter this problem on stress below 100%.
How to detect: your edible stat starts to grow, when you had stable ratio duplicants/farms, fullness get stuck on 4000kcal.
Workaround: get to main menu and resume last save. After reload fullness drops normally.

Game type: Ravenous hunger difficulty. Food: Meal Lice cooked to Pickled Meal in case it matters.

*this happens since 356355 or even previous versions.


Steps to Reproduce
No idea :( It happened ~4th time during my 260h of gameplay.
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I've had this happen too, somehow the dupe gets stuck in "eating" mode. Capture.thumb.JPG.c4aa3b8d288d42f4f83fb2b9576ee75d.JPG

I believe the high stress is because they are no longer receiving the morale benefit from eating foods, now that they have evolved beyond such things :p

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