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  1. It would be nice if some scenarios would be added - that is not only predefined maps but also events. Also build in map selector and map making tool for community would be nice. (rng is not always perfect). You can make it as DLC I would definately buy and I think it is a good direction to go with this project. Just look at Frostpunk - they started more as sandbox but the scenarios is which gave this game a lot more attention
  2. Currently whenever I start new world I spend a lot of time on genereting world with vulcanos & magma channels & mineral poor. Traits should be selectable as asteroid type subselection (please keep also random option). (yeah I know about toolsnotincluded for generating seed, but this page at the moment doesnt work). Also if you can add select duplicant on startup that would be great. I got my 3 favorite ones and sometimes rng is just against me and I can click for e.g. bubbles for couple minutes.
  3. Too many charts!

    Power wasted can be really high. E.g. Generating 800W power from hydrogen , when battery is full and you only use a lamp, will end up with 790W wasted. But that's true, graphs are not really useful and they seem to be too small. Single chart would be fun, but I guess this is low priority, because all current information you need you can read from cycle report table.
  4. Currently when you deconstruct liquid reservoir you get 5t of bottled water. It is easy exploitable to make unlimited liquid reserves in single tile. I know it runs this way will all solid stuff, but liquids management is so nice implemented, that it should not be the case here. I would expect deconstructing full reservoir would spill liquid all around just like it does will all pipes. Or to empty it without spilling you would need pipe emptying skill.
  5. So if it works this way maybe there should be update in database description? "The lowered thermal conductivity of insulated tiles slows any heat passing through them." - is miss leading if insulated tile exchange heat with items inside it.
  6. I've been thinking about that and it may look strange but I'm not sure if its a bug or feature. Lets say I got very big thermos made of hot iron. Then I drop ice into it. After some time I remove ice, but I guess it would melt warming inside of thermos. Outside iron is just room temperature. After I remove this melted water I can say I got two temperatures inside and outside, but I should only be able to transfer inside temperature to inside object basing on material (in our case iron) thermal conductivity. In addition inside / outside temperature should transfer heat between each other with insulated thermal conductivity. Seems complex and I dont know how it is implemented in oni. Anyway it would make sense if insulated tiles show their inner temperature, which can be changed by passing material. Also note that in conveyor overlay tiles that rail goes through are not shown as insulated ones but as only material insulated tiles are made of. What do you think?
  7. As you can see in screenshot whenever ices goes through insulated tile it gets isolated tile much, much colder ignoring low thermal conductivity. I was wondering why I suddenly got so much water after building conveyor rail. After some time I noticed that the problem was insulated tiles which melted ice and got colder and colder every time ice passed through it. Expected result: Ice don't gain temperature, insulated tiles don't get so affected by material on conveyor rail. Current result: Ice gets warmer and eventually it melts, insulated tiles rapidly lose temperature.
  8. Changing possible Printables

    Maybe it is not a bug, but we should save state of ready to print printables. I also got a little bit sad when 'my perfect' ready to print duplicant changed to somebody completely different after reload.
  9. Sometimes fullness gets stuck on 4000kcal. It usually happen after binge eaters stress reaction, but today I noticed it also happen for destructive person. When it stuck duplicant never eats and never gets hungry, just liked their metabolism stopped. How to reproduce: unknown, feels like connected to stress reaction. Never encounter this problem on stress below 100%. How to detect: your edible stat starts to grow, when you had stable ratio duplicants/farms, fullness get stuck on 4000kcal. Workaround: get to main menu and resume last save. After reload fullness drops normally. Game type: Ravenous hunger difficulty. Food: Meal Lice cooked to Pickled Meal in case it matters. *this happens since 356355 or even previous versions.
  10. Hello After updating to new version I see framelost on movement. It hurt my eyes. Just take a look at firepole slide (second video 0:30). I got stable 60fps on my machine (in second video I added scounter in top right). My machine i7-8700K, GeForce GTX 970, 16GB RAM. Other animations seems to be working fine (eg. hurt duplicant in second video). It looks like this on my old and new games after update to 371502. FPS counter at 60fps and firepole sliding framerate loss (visible for longer at 0:30)
  11. [Game Update] - 371502

    On my system it is looks like that all the time. Look at the fire pole slide at 0:30. I feel pain in my eyes :/
  12. [Game Update] - 371502

    Did anybody notice framelost on duplicants movement or is it just me? Currently it's hard to look at them when they are moving. Other animations seems to be fluent. On my colony I got stable 60fps without any framedrops (i7-8700K gtx 970, 16gb ram) Here is small recording. I guess it didn't look like that on previous version?
  13. Had related problem with version 371502. After pressing resume button and it crashed to desktop. It was v366134 save file but It worked before on 371502 and works after launching game again. Crash dump file in attachment. SimDLL_CRASH_release_371502_20191003-10.36.30.dmp
  14. Wrong context guys. I love when my duplicants die, because of my mistakes. This way I know I can do something better and reducing death rate is the fun part. That is what I love. And yes, we get warning when they start losing health so we can react. But that only happens when e.g. we dig near vulcan / hot watter and this is pretty rare. If we could add health loss on low oxygen then it would make game more challenging, because it would mean that health would be also important inside database. If there is no hot environment nearby you can play without using hospital at all. There should be health loss on: - low oxygen - calories below 1000 - illness This case we would care about inside base management even more, than what is now: - low oxygen inside base? They will just work less efficient to catch a breath, but they also consume less oxygen (no other longer impact) - your crops got to hot for a while or binge eater ate your food? until nobody dies, they just got hungry and you get a lot of starvation messages but after new crops drop everything get back to normal (no other impact) - somebody gets ill? I dont care, skip forward and they will recover anyway This is why is why does things should be connected with health, so in longer term if we don't look into those problems (which currently are not a big problems) they will lead to athletic loss and even to duplicant death. Hospital facility will then be much more used that it is right now. This way I could have fun on solving source of a problem, than just ignoring it, because it doesn't impact on game much at all.
  15. That is what are difficulty levels for. I want to play on hard and I want them to die. Hardest challenge which I came to is playing on Aridio with all settings set to max and not using microbe musher and this is my only scenario when they really die and make me care about them more. Currently health is not used at all and that is too bad, because that would cause to care about duplicants even more.