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  1. Hello I am not able to resize or move windows: - vitals - consumables - schedule - manage duplicant priorities - daily reports - database Still got a lot of space on my 1440p resolution, but windows appears to be stuck with scrollbar.
  2. Thank You Guys! We really appreciate your work New Idea: you can make additional DLC with Duplicants and new clothes I but those a lot in Dont Starve and I really miss it in ONI. If you ever go to ONI Multiplayer (you control single duplicant and build base with friends it would be even better).
  3. Do we already have real frozen starting world? I always hated Rime asteroid, because it always had some hot areas / geysers. I would love to start on real frozen world where we would have couple biomes but all with temperatures below 0°C *still waiting for final DLC to start playing it seems we are getting closer
  4. As babba said: Knowing you can always reload just give some thrill away. And it is not so easy not to eat a cookie "not locked in a jar".
  5. I would love to have some ironman badge e.g. for 1000 cycles on hardcore But I guess some kind of daily save still must be present in case game crashes.
  6. Is there Ironman mode already added to Spaced Out? I can't see it Also adding single hardcore difficulty setting all settings to hardest would be nice. If lightout would be in base game (not as mode) would be even better. Challenges, challenges! Give us challenges good ONI Team! Please
  7. Does this event automatically starts in server running for some time now or do I have to start new one? I've just logged in but I didn't saw any difference in game (my world gen events are set to auto).
  8. Fantastic! Thank You so much and Merry Christmass 2021 is going to be awesome with you guys and new DLC
  9. That would be great! I would love to have a colony which depends only on rockets
  10. Same here... I know that when I start new game it will take me 100-200h, so I want to play with new DLC, which will be another 200h. So I wait and wait and wait.
  11. Yeah, Dont Starve is so good, specialy Together (with friends) But also waiting for update I am playing Rimworld... I just hate its graphics - no comparision to ONI, base building really sucks, interface sucks, but one thing they made good - story telling. If ONI had that kind of stories it would be ultimate game for ages
  12. To be honest at my work we also got a little bit slower because of covid situation, so I understand why this dlc taking longer time to finish. But how I wish I could program so fancy game instead boring web applications! Lucky You Klei!
  13. Pandemic world outside does not look so good at the moment, so I hope DLC will arrive soon, so I can stay locked home looking after my dupes for till next summer at least.
  14. demo branch updated 30 minutes ago, development 5 minutes ago... are we closer to this happy moment of time? /so excited