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  1. Same here... I know that when I start new game it will take me 100-200h, so I want to play with new DLC, which will be another 200h. So I wait and wait and wait.
  2. Yeah, Dont Starve is so good, specialy Together (with friends) But also waiting for update I am playing Rimworld... I just hate its graphics - no comparision to ONI, base building really sucks, interface sucks, but one thing they made good - story telling. If ONI had that kind of stories it would be ultimate game for ages
  3. To be honest at my work we also got a little bit slower because of covid situation, so I understand why this dlc taking longer time to finish. But how I wish I could program so fancy game instead boring web applications! Lucky You Klei!
  4. Pandemic world outside does not look so good at the moment, so I hope DLC will arrive soon, so I can stay locked home looking after my dupes for till next summer at least.
  5. demo branch updated 30 minutes ago, development 5 minutes ago... are we closer to this happy moment of time? /so excited
  6. Another day, another couple checks... and again, and again, and again. If it would be just matter of money I would pay already couple times for it.
  7. And it would make perfect sense that when guided through asteroid field you can fly faster and if there is not guidance they to fly safe you fly slower.
  8. Supplying resources to the pod is actually a great idea. I am not a fun of creating dupe out of thin air.
  9. Great job, but makes me wonder: how many save & reloads? Unfortunately ONI is missing one important achievement: ironman mode.
  10. I am also not a fan of unlimited storage area, as most materials stack up to 25t and when hovering over them you see popups which does not fit a screen. I love building big storage rooms wondering what to do with all that stuff and looking as it slowly get depleted. Real fun starts when you are out of materials and you have to depend on space missions.
  11. Reading this thread makes me realized that not only me is checking at least twice a day if they are any info about dlc.
  12. Yeah... if your dupes dont die, then you really dont make a story out of it. It should be like in rimworld, that space colony is a dangerous place (predators, pirates) and so much other dangerous random things that could impact our colony. In ONI we dont have random events
  13. Good point... but if they would plan it in August then, They would say it will be released this summer (so they have still most of September for backup)... so more possible is that the DLC will be September+
  14. I come here every day to check for new updates Any chances that this DLC will be released in August ?