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Fmod log file bloat

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After 15 hours of gamelplay and 3-4 colonies my fmod.log file is already 650mb. Maybe there is some limit, but even 650mb for a log file is a lot. Or maybe there is a limit, but it's not working atm

Steps to Reproduce
15 hours of gameplay

User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.
7 hours ago, Cheerio said:

650mb is probably too large to upload. Is it the same message that keeps repeating?

Weird. I started new game, then loaded the old game - did all kinds of stuff - and now fmod.log is nice 79mb. Sorry, but I can't tell when it got replaced.

Maybe the reason for bloat was long game session - if I recall correctly - I played for quite some time without exiting the game. Probably 4-5 hours

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Having the same issue.. ran out of diskspace on my laptop, and thought WTF?? realised the fmod-log in the game-folder was 5gb...

Its basically this message... repeated... over and over....


[LOG] SystemI::createSoundInternal             : filename =  : mode 02000202
[LOG] SystemI::createSoundInternal             : exinfo->cbsize             = 232
[LOG] SystemI::createSoundInternal             : exinfo->length             = 32805984
[LOG] SystemI::createSoundInternal             : exinfo->fileoffset         = 2576224
[LOG] SystemI::createSoundInternal             : exinfo->numsubsounds       = 1
[LOG] SystemI::createSoundInternal             : exinfo->inclusionlist      = 000000005C98F598
[LOG] SystemI::createSoundInternal             : exinfo->inclusionlistnum   = 1
[LOG] SystemI::createSoundInternal             : exinfo->suggestedsoundtype = 5
[LOG] SystemI::createSoundInternal             : exinfo->useropen           = 00007FFFB9B53FD0
[LOG] SystemI::createSoundInternal             : exinfo->userclose          = 00007FFFB9B53FA0
[LOG] SystemI::createSoundInternal             : exinfo->userread           = 00007FFFB9B540C0
[LOG] SystemI::createSoundInternal             : exinfo->userseek           = 00007FFFB9B54170
[LOG] SystemI::createSoundInternal             : exinfo->fileuserdata       = 000000006F64D168
[LOG] SystemI::createSoundInternal             : exinfo->initialseekpostype = 1
[LOG] SystemI::createSoundInternal             : Format has 1 subsounds.
[LOG] SystemI::createSoundInternal             : Create as FMOD_CREATESAMPLE
[LOG] SystemI::createSoundInternal             : Multi-sample sound (1 subsounds), create a sample container.
[LOG] SystemI::createSoundInternal             : creating subsound 0/1
[LOG] SystemI::createSample                    : mode 02000202 length 15080 samples, lengthbytes 4352
[LOG] SystemI::createSample                    : channels = 1
[LOG] SystemI::createSample                    : output = 0000000036EBA2C8
[LOG] OutputSoftware::createSample             : lengthpcm 15080, lengthbytes 4352, channels 1, format 2, freq 48000, mode 0200020a
[LOG] SystemI::createSoundInternal             : No name found in file, use filename.
[LOG] SystemI::createSoundInternal             : done.  OpenState now = FMOD_OPENSTATE_READY.


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Today's hotfix disables the fmod log in release builds. Thanks for reporting this. Sorry about the trouble!

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