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Flatulent dupes emit gas using atmo suits an nat. gas doesn't behave properly in vacuum

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I have a 2 width/height hallway surrounding my entire base to thermally isolate it. It was gas emptied with pumps, making a huge vacuum. At the beginning, before atmo suits, i had flatulent dupes without permission to acces this area so i wouldn't lose my vacuum area. After unlocking atmo suits i thought that it would allow me to quit this area permision issue. what happened was that as soon as my flatulent dupe entered the vacuum it still emited natural gas and filled the entire area with it. The more concerning isuue is that natural gas mass multiplied itself somehow filling with more than 3 g of gas each of the tiles in the area, adding up to more than 300 g of natural gas with just one fart, i assume it's not right!! So, that's the issue. Hope you resolve it!!

Steps to Reproduce
Create a vacuum area, mine was larger than 100 tiles, with 2 tiles height or width depending on the location around the base. Let a flatulent dupe inside the area with it atmo suit equipped. Wait for magic to happen!!

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