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Exosuit disappears if dupe leaves rocket without gantry

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Command module contains an exo-suit and a dupe. The dupe wears an (second) exosuit when entering the rocket.

Normally the dupe should exit via gantry wearing his exo-suit, while the first exo-suit stays in the rocket.

However, if the gantry is retracted (and broken) when the rocket lands, the dupe drops out of the rocket without his suit. The first suit is still in the command module and can be retrieved by deconstructing it.


It might be beneficial to clean up the exosuit-dupe-rocket interaction in the future, so that we do not load 2 exosuits into a rocket.

Steps to Reproduce
Load rocket with 2 exosuits, Retract gantry, Launch, Return, Drop out of rocket wearing nothing

User Feedback

You sure it didn't melt (into sand) or anything?

My dupes keep dropping out of the rocket wearing the suit they had on launch.

Did you save+load between launch and arrival?

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