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[EU] Dupes Won't Use Lavatories While On Equipment

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Dupes would rather hold it until they release while using equipment instead of going to the Lavatory during work time. Leaving out an Outhouse seems to stop them from releasing all over the base.

Other things that need to be adjusted:

- Dupes shouldn't use Massage tables during work time.

- Dupes shouldn't be able to Shower during work time. They get one drop of Polluted Water on them and run right to the Shower. It takes forever for Miners without Exosuits to dig out/build an area where PW is with them running back and forth repeatedly.

- Dupes should go to the Lavatory during sleep time. They current release in bed instead of getting up. This could be a part of this main bug complaint.

Steps to Reproduce
Explained in post.

User Feedback

+1 I've switched to lavatories early on in game. The dupes will use them in the morning and evening but not during the day, making messes all over the shop if there aren't other outhouses. 

Then I've put outhouses in a room behind the main bathroom but the dupes refused to walk past the sinks and lavatories to the outhouses.

I had to build the outhouses somewhere else.


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