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  1. Here is a video and some pictures of the issue. I hope you can get it back to at least the state of the cosmic update where the issue was almost fixed. This is seriously annoying :/ Not only can I not see everything at first glance but the heavy flickering is killing it. IMG_5172.MOV
  2. +1 I've switched to lavatories early on in game. The dupes will use them in the morning and evening but not during the day, making messes all over the shop if there aren't other outhouses. Then I've put outhouses in a room behind the main bathroom but the dupes refused to walk past the sinks and lavatories to the outhouses. I had to build the outhouses somewhere else.
  3. Hi, a while ago I filed a bug about textures flickering on macOS. In the Cosmic Update it was almost fixed and in the best state since the flickering occurred. Now in the patch notes it says that the graphics issues for macOS users should be gone but actually its much worse now. All the shiny textures are flat in certain panning/light reflection positions and the flickering is back to a point where I consider it too annoying to be playable Before it occurred later in the game when you would start using liquid vents and it would flicker when water was dropping. Now it flickers right from the start. If you want I can make a video clip of the issue.
  4. Sadly its much worse again in the current expression update branch
  5. Quick Update: I've tried the current cosmic experimental update and its much better. Now only the very thin edges flicker slightly and not the whole texture or large parts of the edges as in the pictures. Definitely much better - I'd consider this 90-95% fixed
  6. I'm playing the preview builds of the occupational updaten but the issue is still present although currently I only see the edges/highlights of metals flickering. It still occurs whenever water drops out of a vent. I can make another video showing this if you'd like.
  7. I have booted Windows on the same machine via Bootcamp and installed Steam/ONI, copied over my world from the macos disk and tested it on the exact same hardware but with a different OS. As suspected before, no flickering whatsoever on windows. So the thesis that it is a macOS HighSierra / AMD issue seems still very likely. I hope you guys can fix it soon!
  8. @255So I have just installed the update and played my existing world. At first it seemed much better. I panned and zoomed around my base and only in the area of my oil well I noticed some flickering. It almost stopped when I disabled the oil well and started again when I enabled it. After a while though it was as bad as before just faster thanks to the performance update When I pan away from the oil well area the textures everywhere on the map were as broken as in my initial screenshot. I made another video to demonstrate it which I have attached to this post. oni-texture-flicker-2.MOV
  9. @AlexRou Hmm I'm not a 100% certain. But I'm quite sure that I started playing recently again before the Automation Update was out, on High Sierra and I don't remember having these issues or not that massively. I started a new world when the Automation Update was out and it was becoming unplayable at times and I definitely didn't upgrade in between. Only minor updates to High Sierra. I also noticed a significant performance boost with the update especially in the early phases of game - which is why I suspected that it might be related to some optimizations.
  10. Since the Automation update I get random flickering of texture edges of all terrain textures. I have already verified the game resources via steam and re-installed it but the issue persists and its quite annoying. Attached you'll see a picture of how it looks when it sometimes gets stuck in the state without the texture edges. A video of the flickering can be found here: I'm running macOS High Sierra with a AMD Radeon R9 280X 3 GB graphic card. I'm also attaching the save file that I'm currently playing but it seems to happen on all new worlds I'm starting. Total Perspective Vortex.sav