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Electrolyzer output

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The electrolysis of water results in two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom.
2 H2O(l) → 2 H2(g) + O2(g)


Until now the electrolyzer generates more oxygen than hydrogen


Steps to Reproduce
Using the electolyzer to produce hydrogen and oxygen

User Feedback

Because all material unit in ONI in mass(kg), not mol. Oxygen is far heavier than hydrogen.

Though I also agree that current situation in game seems quite unrealistic in sense of volume of gas.

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In oni only the grams/kilograms a gas weight matter. So in terms of weight the equation can be written:

2 H20(36,032g) =  2 H2(4.032g) + O2(32g)  multiply both sides by 27.75

=> 999,888g(H2O) = 111,888g(H2) + 888g(O2)

So yeah, the game amounts in grams are exactly the right ones. Oni doesnt have a way to handle how dense a gas is and how much space certain amount of gas there can be in a tile. Instead in oni gases just flow on top of each other depending on their "density"

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