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Electrical Engineers and you... A please stop doing that guide.

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So my electrical engineers are still misbehaving themselves when it comes to getting a power station working properly.

For example, Mi-Ma here is making me more microchips even when there's one waiting to be used in the nearby petro generators and no other power station exists in the base.


My electrical engineers all want to take off and book it to the nearby refineries (Priority 5) instead of actually finishing the tinkering job they do for the petro generators (Power Station Priority 6).

Save attached to see concerns.


TCP - C156 - Heating Petro Tower Cycle 163.sav

Steps to Reproduce
Build a single power station with some petro generators and have other engineering tasks also queued up at lower priorities.

User Feedback

As a workaround, place an order to deconstruct or disable the generator. Then you can change its priority. Then cancel the deconstruct/disable order.

What I've deduced: The building has priority 5 when it's built, and if you change it it'll stay changed even though it's hidden. Delivery and tuning-up tasks for that generator will follow that priority. (I've noticed the same principle applies to auto-disinfect tasks; I can order a deconstruct on, say, some liquid vents at different priorities, then cancel it, and then when dupes are auto-disinfecting they'll do it in that order.)

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