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  1. This lonely little packet of water is confused and doesn't know where to go. Can you help her? She wants to go toward an intake, if there is one. And, glorious day, there are so many to choose from! But, oh no! Those intakes are in different directions. How can she choose which way to go? Well, she's a clever little packet of water. She knows there are not only intakes, but also outlets. If she has more than one path that moves toward an intake, why, she can just choose one that also moves away from an outlet! Oh no! Poor little water packet! There's more than one outlet too... and they also lie in different directions! She's so confused, she doesn't know where she's going OR where she's coming from! She's so scared of making a mistake, she's not sure if she should even move at all! I bet you can help her out, though. If you can take away all the outputs except those in a single direction, she'll be confident again and know which way to flow! Now she knows where she's coming from. She only has one way to go, but her brothers and sisters will still be able to alternate paths in the junction behind her. Hooray!
  2. Minor thing that's been around for ages. Steps to reproduce: Have a dupe unlock a handprint-based security door. Expected behavior: Door status should be Open. Observed behavior: Door status claims it's awaiting a Lock. There's no toggle errand and nobody actually comes around to lock it; it seems only to be misreporting its status.
  3. Park Sign should probably be made 2 tiles tall to match its art. (Side note: Good luck on the launch, fellas!)
  4. It's intuitive enough to me. I think I started with a different assumption than you did; I assume that the number of plants inside a certain radius matters, not just the distance to the single nearest plant.
  5. Seems there are just too many plants too close together.
  6. Observed on build LU-354426. Observed behavior: Muckroot is counted the same as other wild plants in the room tooltip. But parks and nature reserves don't care about muckroot. Expected behavior: The tooltip's plant count should more clearly match up with room requirements. Perhaps it should specify how many wild plants are in a room, not just total plant count? (Or muckroot could count toward the room requirements, depending on design intent.)
  7. Sounds like you're making a suggestion, rather than reporting a bug. Have a look at the feedback forum.
  8. Can you mop that area? I've seen liquids be present but invisible on airflow tiles.
  9. Ah, my mistake. I looked at the save file and saw the lack of errands on the hydro tile. Usually stuff says "unreachable" if there's a task but no dupe can reach it.
  10. Interesting. I'd love to see your save file and see if I can find what's causing it.
  11. That's a hydroponic farm tile. It's inoperable without a pipe attached. Your dupes won't get a planting errand unless you give it a pipe or rebuild it as a regular farm plot. Nope, they just can't reach it, my bad
  12. I found an interesting find: the reservoir actually releases precisely 1800 grams of its contents.
  13. Hi, I've observed the same issue, and I believe it's associated with arbor trees. This is my bug report on it: As a workaround, try digging up any arbor trees on your map, especially ones that exhibit this bug.