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  1. I've run into this too, both with automation-locked security doors and manual-locked pneumo doors. Saving then loading the saved game cleared the issue. Steps to reproduce: >Find a locked door, or construct one and lock it. >Deconstruct the door while it is locked. >Try to pathfind through the ex-door's location.
  2. When their break begins, your dupes don't hit the toilets before eating?
  3. [QoL 2] Game crashes when I view a dupe who is on their way to a locker to rummage in it.
  4. Abnormal Germ Multiply

    I've had this happen a lot. * * * Steps to reproduce * * * * Immerse a metal volcano in 1-layer deep liquid (say, P-water) that contains FoodPois germs. * Watch the metal volcano erupt. * * * You can get ridiculous quantities of germs with this. I've seen billions of germs per tonne of liquid.
  5. As a workaround, place an order to deconstruct or disable the generator. Then you can change its priority. Then cancel the deconstruct/disable order. What I've deduced: The building has priority 5 when it's built, and if you change it it'll stay changed even though it's hidden. Delivery and tuning-up tasks for that generator will follow that priority. (I've noticed the same principle applies to auto-disinfect tasks; I can order a deconstruct on, say, some liquid vents at different priorities, then cancel it, and then when dupes are auto-disinfecting they'll do it in that order.)