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"Eating" tag in calories calculation stuck.

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One of my dups, just the one, Jean, gets stuck with her calorie count saying she's eating 30,000 kcal/s. Saving and reloading does fix this but its the third time this has happened to her and its only her. This is both an exploit and not "game braking," but she's not eating food, yea, but she's not getting the moral for the food she should be eating and is always stressed out from it.

Steps to Reproduce
I have not found a specific cause yet.

User Feedback

I have just encountered the same situation and believe it to be related t o the Binge Eater trait. After binge eating, the eating buff may not be removed. Attached are my save file and log files. This DOES break the game in fatalistic mode as the duplicant never gains a food morale bonus and is so stressed that even a massage in a massage clinic doesn't offset the stress. Rowan's stress was going up while getting a massage.


Save file:

Deadly Tragedy.sav

Log files:



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Encountered my first non-binge eater that has the "eating" buff stuck. Of course, it's a destructive duplicant; meaning, without his superb meal and great hall morale buff, this duplicant will just keep destroying everything every day. Even a clinical massage doesn't stop the stress from increasing.




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Just reproduced.  Non-Binge eater.

Caught another dupe that appeared to start exhibiting the same behavior.  FWIW I caught her eating a mushroom.  "eating 30,000 kcal/cycle" But was not yet at the 4000 max.

Mushrooms are kind of new to my current game, so I'm suspicious about them.


Reloaded game and disallowed raw mushrooms. I have not seen the bug manifest. 


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