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  1. "Eating" tag in calories calculation stuck.

    Having this bug in my save as well, also with a binge eater.
  2. no recipes in exosuit forge

    Can confirm, I had the same issue until I discovered reed fiber. Could use a bit more clarity in the UI.
  3. [Game Update] - 296074

    Yeah, there seems to be something related to the production queuing which is causing the orders to get re-evaluated every 1-2 seconds, at which point the dupes drop whatever they're carrying and start over again.
  4. [Game Update] - 296074

    Still seeing this in the latest update - causing ingredients to be left all over my base and wasting a lot of dupe time :/
  5. I'm seeing this as well with the grill - dupes are picking up resources and then a few steps on their way to the grill, they are dropping them. Q1-295825, Windows.