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Duplicants won't refill coal generators that are disabled by automation wire

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This is super frustrating behavior. If you connect a coal to a smart battery duplicants will only get the task to refuel the coal generator when the smart battery is on.

This means you might set your coal generators to a high priority, but they end up not getting refueled because there's a good chance when a duplicant gets that task, that they're turned off, and so not accepting refuels.

Steps to Reproduce

Build a coal generator hooked up to a smart battery in a room where only one dupe can access it. Observe the dupe and see that it constantly gets the high priority refuel coal task, and loses it, as the coal generators toggle on and off.

User Feedback

that also happen to me with Radiation lamps, dupes bring in the uranium ores and the lamp get disabled by the dupe sensor and they drop the ore on the ground and leave, and they get stuck in an endless loop of doing the same thing.  i solved it with containers and sweepers! but it's a bit frustrating to have to make space for containers and sweepers in small places!

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