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  1. then this is a different problem completely, because i have another problem keeping most of my ranched animals alive. the most noticeable for me is the shove voles went from 60+ to 8. and i thought it was because the ranchers are not doing their job.. but now you said this, i'm thinking this is why i can't get my drecos to reproduce, and why my hatches numbers are going down.. actually, out of all the ranched animals i have only pips, slicksters and pacu are the only one that still reproduce at the same rate as before! yes i tried slowing down the game, i still have the same problem of puft flying in a corner and getting stuck there starving! and i generally play with medium speed, max speed only when i start and i know my dupes are not gonna get in trouble when i'm not looking!
  2. those are squeaky Puft.. those eat only chlorine and they are placed in oxygen! the only one that can survive is the dense puft which only eat oxygen!
  3. I second that! I hate having to make new schedule every time i start a new game
  4. that also happen to me with Radiation lamps, dupes bring in the uranium ores and the lamp get disabled by the dupe sensor and they drop the ore on the ground and leave, and they get stuck in an endless loop of doing the same thing. i solved it with containers and sweepers! but it's a bit frustrating to have to make space for containers and sweepers in small places!
  5. the issue is that they all sit in one tile and don't move until they die and that is not getting fixed by a reload! and if i have to reload every time.. i'm gonna lose my mind, because it takes forever to load at this stage of the game!
  6. I have set up a couple of puft ranches on 2 asteroids, one is supported by a chlorine vent and the other one by polluted oxygen vent. the chlorine one is full of chlorine to the point that the vent is over pressurized and the puft keep getting stuck in a corner dying of starvation. the picture show them in 96 size room with 8 puft in it and they are being overcrowded (no eggs in the room i checked) and starving! new puft reproduce and bring the population up, then suddenly they get stuck and i lose most of them. I only use 2 mods, "Pliers Fixed" and "Bigger Camera Zoom Out", today i decided to disable those mods and played for hours and these puft are still getting stuck and still dies out of starvation!