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Duplicants taking off atmo suit to take a breath

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Hello. My duplicants are working near atmo suit station. There are pockets of polluted oxygen next to the atmo suit station. When my duplicants are starving for oxygen some ridiculous thing is happening. My duplicants are wearing atmo suit from dock station to move few tiles further and take off the atmo suit. Then they are start breathing with polluted oxygen. When their oxygen level reaches 100% they are wearing atmo suit again and leaving the area. In fact they are not breathing polluted oxygen because its level does not change. Here is Franky breathing without atmo suit in restriceted area:



After a while he is leaving restricted area but he has atmo suit:


Steps to Reproduce

1. No oxygen in front of the atmo suit dock station

2. Available oxygen behind the atmo suit dock station.

3. Duplicant starving for oxygen.

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