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Duplicants stuck on oilwell

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Duplicans get stuck on Oilwells if the Oolwell is ready for natural gas emptying and it doesnt have any water pumped into it. Disableling the Oilwell doesnt help as well.




Steps to Reproduce

1. Get an oilwell and pump Water into it.
2. Duplicants have to empty the Natural gas from time to time I had my limit set to 75% and it was above that
3. Stop the water flow into the Oilwell while its over the set limit
4. duplicants will now get stuck and get hungry and eventually starve to death once the oilwell has no more water. (They try to empty it but can't)
(My priority was set on 6 and the oilwell on 75% but I think this will also work with any priority and empty limit)

PS: this was written at past 5am im sorry for mistakes XD

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Similarly, if you disable the well using automation wires, the duplicants also get stuck on it.

They just stand there, doing nothing. It says they're emptying the pressure, but it never happens.

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