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  1. I've killed the process. Using gdb, I captured a core dump and backtrace for all threads. It's 15GB and probably contains Steam credentials (because of Steam overlay), so I can't post it here.
  2. I've seen both these issues in vanilla, without the DLC. For the first issue, consider the following mod: I've never tried that mod, but it looks good and I plan to install it later. (For now, I'm keeping my game free of mods so that I can report crashes in the DLC.)
  3. I've reproduced the bug again. The process is running right now; I haven't killed it yet. If you let me know within the next 16 hours or so, I can get whatever type of core dump or whatever excess debug information might be available, as per your instructions. For now, I'll just attach the Player.log file. This is on the Steam current public release (not the Beta release). (I switched back to standard release after discovering the menu bug in the beta release; I worked around the rocket landing bug by alt-Q teleporting my pilot back to the colony, and leaving the rocket stranded one space away from home.) 1. By notification. 2. Normal printing pod. 3. Not that I saw. The game's window does not do any drawing at all at this moment, and I can see my desktop background where the game should be, yet the game has focus, and when I click on what appear to be desktop icons, nothing happens. 4. This is probably about the third or fourth print since I loaded the game. 5. I was in a rocket cockpit looking at the breathability overlay, fast-forward watching a carbon skimmer consume carbon dioxide when the notification came up. Being mindful of this bug, I turned off the overlay and switched back to the main planetoid before selecting the notification. I think I used the colony list on the right. Then, I clicked the notification to select the printing pod, and then clicked the button to open the printing menu. Player.log Quarantined Factory s062 Cycle 353.sav
  4. Hmm, my testing copy of the game updated in Steam today, but the bug persists. Player.log
  5. On the first planetoid I visited, my base was near the surface, so I decided to put a refrigerator just outside the airlock, in the vacuum of space. This worked well for preserving food, but duplicants would often sit down in the airlock to eat, letting all the air out. So they can sometimes hold an airlock open. This was a horizontal airlock, if it makes a difference.
  6. At the time of the crash/freeze, I had only visited 3 or 4 planetoids, none frozen. I have identified a frozen world with an iron volcano, but never visited.
  7. I'm sorry, but I played the game several times more since this crash. I didn't make a backup of this log file, so it has been overwritten already.
  8. The negative oxidizer bug looks fixed in beta. But the beta has other bugs -- like crashing on opening the list of saves from the main menu, and crashing on opening the pause menu with the Esc key.
  9. I've definitely seen dupes get stunned outside of an airlock when they had tasks just inside it. I've never quite been sure what causes it. Even a forced "move" command doesn't fix them; you just have to wait until they recover.
  10. I tried the beta. The rocket can land, but there are more frequent crashes with the beta: 1. The beta crashes when I load the list of saves. I can only load a save by using the "resume" button. 2. The beta crashes when I open the main menu (either by mouse or by Esc key) so there is no way to save after the rocket lands. Edit: attached is a log of a crash on opening main menu, just after loading the save file. Player.log
  11. Me too, I also used the orbital cargo module previously on this save. I wonder if the bug only triggers on the second activation of the orbital cargo module.